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INDUS behind new EPA App that lets users check health of waterways anywhere in the U.S.


"How’s My Waterway?” Can you answer this question about your favorite vacation lake, or the river where you walk with your dog? Are streams in your community polluted, and what’s being done about it if they are?

Most people don’t know – and are surprised to learn that the answers have been publicly available for years. But publicly available doesn’t always mean easily accessible or understandable.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wanted to design a tool to improve public understanding of water pollution issues, and came to INDUS for help. The agency leveraged our subject matter expertise with water quality data and responsive design to create a Web application designed for mobile devices.

Together, we developed How’s My Waterway as a simpler pathway through the EPA database.

With few suitable models to work from, Indus designed and built How’s My Waterway as a platform-independent mobile web application that added a rapid and user-friendly public access tool to a complex technical database. EPA’s water quality information now reaches broader audiences than ever before.

Now you can instantly get localized information about waterways in map and list format by simply entering a zip code or place name. Anyone can check on local waters anywhere in the nation in seconds—even at the water’s edge, for those using smart phones.