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INDUS Border Patrol Team hosts GIS Day


On November 14, the Office of Border Patrol GIS Team hosted a GIS Day event. The event not only showcased the work of the GIS team, but also increased awareness of GIS and its many applications.

GIS Day attendees enjoyed delicious potluck food as they watched demos of the Enterprise Geospatial Information Services (eGIS) application, took part in GIS-related discussions, and familiarized themselves with the team’s work which was highlighted in different slideshows scattered throughout the office.

The Office of Border Patrol GIS Team further expanded its audience on November 16 by participating in the Homeland Security GIS Open House coordinated by the DHS Geospatial Management Office. INDUS staff manned the booth and answered questions related to eGIS, Operation Waypoint (a data collection operation), and GIS within the Office of Border Patrol.